Hospice Care Program

Hospice Philosophy is a system of specialized care that provides support and assistance for the most difficult part of the journey. It joins modern technologic methods of pain and symptom management for a sensitive, respectful, non-invasive palliative level of care.


Our focus is the Patient-The Family / Caregiver


We preserve the patient’s right to freedom to choose their plan of care and decision making for this stage in their life.


We are committed to maintaining the quality of a patient’s remaining life including but not limited to pain management, nutrition, participation, and other factors that affect comfort.


We encourage “living life to its fullest” and maintaining maximum independence. We support ongoing contact with the people and things that play an important role in the patient’s life.

Hospice Care incorporates a “24/7” care-team of:

Registered Nurses & Licensed Practical Nurses,
Nursing Assistants
Social Workers / Bereavement Counseling
Pastoral Counseling (if requested)
Registered Dietitian
Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists
Recreation Therapies (as indicated)